Summer 2024 camp

15% off promotion for Full Week / Full Day campers
To sign up for camp, please visit our enrollment page here

enroll before Cinco de Mayo May 5th for 15% discount
on two full-day weeks or more!
Please register online, then email or call Todd at 832-567-2997 for discounts.


What to bring:
Tennis Racquet

Comfortable tennis shorts/skirts with pockets (NO JEANS or CUT OFFS!). Non Marking white soled shoes required. If worse comes to worse then skate board shoes and basketball shows usually pass the non marking test. Also some tennis shoes have dark soles that do not mark. Adidas solecourt boost are an example of this. These dark sole tennis shoes are allowed!

If you have a question about your Child’s shoes please see the Camp Director for a shoe check. This rule will be strictly enforced! Your child will not be allowed to participate if he/she wears the wrong shoes. No Chewing gum is allowed on the court. 

Your camper, especially all day campers should bring their own water jug with ice, hat, and extra sunblock. Boys should wear shorts with pockets for balls and girls should wear skirts with built in shorts for balls.

What is provided
Soft balls and smaller courts may be used for young beginners. Learning tennis has never been easier! A covered court is provided for all 8 $ under player, but usually the tournament player practice in the sun. 

Loaner Rackets will be provided if needed.

Students may not receive the same racket every day. For comfort purposes we advise that you purchase a racket for your child. 21 to 23 inch rackets should be used in general for 3 to 5 year olds. 23 to 25 inch rackets for 6 to 9 year olds and 24 to 27 inch rackets for 10 to 14 year olds. These are beginner recommendations.

Lunch and snacks will not be provided for all Day students. 

Lots of water breaks but we hit a ton of balls so they should feel like tennis players when they are done with camp!